Frank Morgan is a practicing New York attorney, a former freelance Associate Producer for News12 Connecticut, an essayist and an avid scholar of English and European history from the late Middle Ages to the Early Modern era.

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The Freelance Strategist

Journalist, or Gentleman Blogger? Who Qualifies As a Journalist these Days?

Remember Comms 101?
Possibly not, but somewhere in those hazy early-undergraduate days you may have first heard the magic words: shield law. You like shield laws. Shield laws are what are passed when ...

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The Freelance Strategist

So Sue Me: What Exactly Is Defamation and Could I Be Sued for an Opinion?

Libel, slander, defamation—people use these words interchangeably. As a freelance writer, you couldn’t be sued for giving your honest opinion, could you? After all, this isn’t North Korea.
Think again...

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The Freelance Strategist

Stop, Thief! What Exactly Is Plagiarism and How Can I Defend My Work?

If life were fair, Wikipedia would be awarded thousands of high school diplomas, hundreds of B.A.s, and maybe even a doctorate or two. Your high school English teacher called it “plagiarism”—and you m...

The Yankee Trader

Bourgeois Thoughts for a Bourgeois World

An Open Letter to my Descendants « The Yankee Trader

After 3 major earthquakes in half as many months, The Yankee Trader pauses to reflect upon frailty and what we will leave behind.  Following is an open letter to my descendants, still in the drafting stage.  Perhaps you can make some suggestions in Comments. * * * Dear Descendants:           You have bad skin.  I’m sorry.…

Brown Sugar « The Yankee Trader

Why don’t we dance?  The whole world dances.  Hispanics dance.  Asians dance.  Saudis dance (I’ve seen it).  So why don’t we, post-Europeans, dance? Of course people will stumble around a bit in clubs and bars.  We take it for granted that darkness and complete intoxication are required before white folks will get up and move around.  The Summer Night Salsa Series at Lincoln Center starts…

Cinco de Mayo « The Yankee Trader

Cinco de Mayo is almost here, and given the dollar’s weakness against the carnitas burrito (as of 30 April the exchange is 2.5 dollars to the burrito) it is certain that May will bring the invincible Mexican hordes upon us, triumphant in the strength of their cornmeal-based economy.  The Third Reich’s effort to stem the tide in Arizona comes too late–the next few days will be the twilight of Western…

Good for what Ails Ya’ « The Yankee Trader

In February I come down with the Malaise.  It sets in after Martin Luther King day, when it’s too cold to snow and the cinema across the street starts releasing all the films that didn’t want to go up against Terminator: Rise of the Machines.  I watch the clock until Kara gets home, knowing that when she does we’ll be staring down the…